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About Sandrine

Sandrine is a French photographer based in London. She is passionate about candid photography, capturing authentic images of spontaneity and human emotion. Sandrine does this behind the scenes without you knowing she is there. 


Her clients include the film industry, corporates, event organisers and private individuals.


Sandrine is a freelance photographer living in London. Born in the French Alps, she moved to the UK and has travelled extensively across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

Her passion for creativity is reflected in her studies where she followed interior design at the Chelsea College of Art & Design. It is there she fell in love with photography and revelled in applying her learnings in the real world. Her attention to detail, her ability to be discreet and persistent have enabled her to capture genuine and intimate human emotions.

A candid photo (behind scenes) taken while in Jordan and capturing an authentic moment of human emotion.

Ways of working

Sandrine has an infectious enthusiasm, charm and warmheartedness that puts her clients at ease. She is adept at being entrepreneurial, adapting to client needs, shooting photos on location or in people’s homes. And she knows how to work in teams to get the best out of people and always with a sense of humour.


Sandrine works with small and large companies to capture the moments behind the scenes using candid photography. She helps the film industrycorporates and event organisers to promote their business. 


She also specialises in portraiture for private individuals, bringing out the warmth and intimacy of people. 


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